Totally Tags
Please remember to read my terms.
If you are ever in doubt about my terms please email me
and ask

You can contact me with any questions to:
Replacing the (at) with @
Please put the word
Question in your subject line or I may
not get the email.
Sig Tag Pricing
All sig tags are priced as follows: (in US dollars)

Regular Sig Tags
1 tag - $2.50
2 tags - $4.00
5 tags - $8.50

Limited Tags
1 - $4.00
2 - $6.00

Prices for Graphic Sets individually set.
They come in psp7 format.

I do all orders by email.
Email me your order at orders(at)
Replace the (at) with @
Include the following:

Paypal Email
Site Url
All Item IDs and any options offered

I will send you a paypal request and once I know
you've paid will send your tags/tubes/baseset to you in
24 to 36 hours. Usually with in a couple hours of
payment unless I've gone to bed or had to go out.

Also, please note that if your name or nickname is
very long it may change the look of some of the tags.

Thank you so much.
How to place an order