Terms of Use
If you are ever in doubt of my rules, please email me and ask!

1. Do Not Direct Link to anything on this site!

2. Everything in my website is copyrighted to me unless otherwise noted.
3. Nothing from my layout is available for use and should not be taken.
4. None of my graphics (dolls, bases, lineart, pixels, photos or anything else) may be used for brushes, tubes, fonts, filters or included in any part of a webset or taken and used (as is or altered) for financial gain or redistributed in any way (like through share groups in msn or yahoo or google or anywhere else).
5. Do not tube your results with my bases and lineart for distribution to others. Even if you link back to me, my copyright to the lineart or base is likely to get lost along the way.
6. Graphics marked "Not Adoptable" or "Not for Adoption" or protected by a 'no right click' script or having my name or nickname on them, should not be taken.
7. You may adopt anything not excluded from adoption. You may NOT use them to create other sig tags for yourself or others.
8. None of my graphics may be used on sites that promote racism, hate, bigotry, abuse of any kind or pornography.
9. If you use a base or outline or adopt a doll or pixel, please link back to Totally jersey with a text link or by linking the finished image to: http://www.totallyjersey.com

Terms subject to change at any time.
Thank you for respecting my terms of use.
Thank you for taking time to read my terms.