This tut is for Paint Shop Pro 7 and assumes you have a working knowledge of the program.
Jeans shading tutorial
These are the jeans we will be making.
Base is from
You may print out this tutorial for your own personal use.
You may not take any part of this tut and post it on your site or anywhere.
You may not take any part of the doll involved in the tutorial.
Add some decorations to your jeans and then finish up your doll.
You're finished shading the jeans
Above is the palette I used. You can choose your own palette.
Five or Six colors are best.
1. First draw your jeans outline using the darkest color(#1). Any style you like. Make sure you clean up the lines to be only a single pixel wide.
2. Use your magic wand and click inside the jeans area and pockets. Do Not Deselect. We will keep the marching ants throughout the tutorial.
Create a new raster layer and flood fill the area with your middle color (#3).
1   2   3   4   5
3. Make a duplicate of the fill layer. And then make it invisible. We will come back to it later.
Create another raster layer above the invisible layer.
4. Click your airbrush.
Round. Size = 2.
Hardness, Opacity, Density all = 100
Step = 50
Size may have to be larger if the doll is larger
5. On your new raster layer, take your airbrush and your second darkest color (#2) and brush around the outside of the jeans and just below the pockets.
6.Change your airbrush to Size = 1 and make some dark lines (creases) just below the crotch, under the knee and some wrinkles toward the ankle.
And anywhere else you think the jeans will wrinkle. The baggier the jeans, the more wrinkles.
7. Pick up your next to lightest color (#4) and lighten the middle of the thighs, knees, shins and between the ankle creases. Use which ever size airbrush suits the size of the doll.
8. Take your lightest color (#5) and with the airbrush again a Size = 1, shade the very front of the thighs, above the creases and knee.
9. Now go to Gaussian Blurr and use the settings shown. Radius will vary with the size of the doll. Larger doll, larger radius.
Play with the blur until you get it to a way you like.
10. Now you don't have to do this step. If you like the shading the way it is, just finish up your doll. But, if you would like just a bit of texture, go back to the invisible duplicate layer of the flood fill and make it visible and the active layer.
(I've made the shaded layer invisible so you can see the next step better)
11. Go to Noise > Add and add noise at 35% and Uniform.
It will look something like above.
12. Go to your layers palette and change your blend mode for the Noise Layer to Luminance and lower the opacity until it gives you a texture you like.
The above settings gave me the texture below with the shading layer once again visible.